nVoid Component Cloud

The power of TouchDesigner finally meets the ease of drag-and-drop component library.

nVC2 (nVoid Component Cloud) provides new users a way to quickly create complex TouchDesigner projects quickly, while providing professional users a reliable and industry-tested toolset that can augment their workflows and capabilities.


nVC2 packages all the features you want with easy-to-use UI’s, exposed parameters, error-catching, and extremely optimized functionality.


nVC2 components are built for 24/7 installations and environments by nVoid, who have developed some of the largest TouchDesigner installations with leading brands.

New tools and support

nVC2 is continuously updated and supported by nVoid. No more outdated API calls. No more update errors. New components released every month!


A growing library of tools and effects with unlimited usage all for a single subscription fee with options available for permanent and offline installations.


A single monthly subscription fee gives you unlimited usage of the full nVC2 library on as many systems as you like, as well as access to continuous updates and new tools added to our library. A single one-time purchase plan is available for permanent and offline installations. See our roadmap at http://nvc2help.nvoid.com

Dev Plan


per month

  • Access to the full library
  • Unlimited number of online systems
  • Fast bug fixes and support
  • New tools added every month
  • Limited offline functionality

Deploy Plan



  • Access to the full library
  • Offline system support
  • Node-locked to a single computer
  • Single lifetime purchase
  • No access to new tools or features

Frequently asked questions

nVoid specializes in designing and developing high-end technical systems, infrastructures, and software & hardware solutions that allow creatives stories to come to life. We have created solutions and deployed teams around the globe, including Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, and more. Our clients include Nike, Google, Kanye West, the Seattle Art Museum, Under Armour, Verizon, TIFF, Cannes Lions, AMEX, VISA, Burj Khalifa, and many more. You can find out more information about nVoid by clicking here.

Each component is built with a different limited functionality mode that is engaged when your system is offline. The limited functionality modes are a combination of disabled functionality, locked inputs/outputs, and popup licensing reminders. nVC2 is built for new users and professionals alike, so that even when you’re offline on an airplane or just getting a job site setup, nVC2 library won’t cripple your workflow.

TouchDesigner is used in many permanent installations and it isn’t ideal to have a permanent installation tied to your own Dev Plan license. If you decided to cancel your Dev Plan, then the permanent installation would experience licensing issues and reduced functionality. In these situations, you can buy a Deploy Plan license, which provides one fully offline, node-locked set of the current nVC2 library. It is a frozen set of tools and will not include feature updates or new tools. This mean you will never have to worry about licensing issues impacting your permanent installation!

You can visit our public Trello board to see:

  • what we’re working on
  • what will be released in the next version of the nVC2 library
  • submit bug reports
  • submit feature requests
  • request new tools

The link to the Trello board can be found at http://nvc2help.nvoid.com

Bugs or component issues can be reported on our Gumroad store.

nVC2 will always be updated to be stable on the latest 099 production build. nVC2 will not be supported on TouchDesigner 088 or experimental builds.

We offer component customization services as an additional charge depending on the complexity of the addition. You can submit a message on our Gumroad store with your contact information and we will reach out to you to discuss further.

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